Semen evaluation (motility, morphology, ALKP, report) £80
Ultrasound examination £55
Progesterone (in house) £70
Vaginal cytology £25
Frozen semen (collection, evaluation, freezing and first year of storage)
Small dogs £280
Medium dogs £320
Large dogs £340
Semen storage for 1 dog £60/year
Semen storage for 2 dogs £50/year
Semen storage for 3 dogs £40/year


Hire of shipper £ 50
One Way Shippers £95
Export licence (Australia, NZ) £130


Chilled Semen Export to most European countries: £350
(collection, evaluation, flask, health certificate and shipment)
Chilled semen to US and Canada      £320
Frozen semen shipping to most European countries  £580
Frozen semen shipping to US and Canada £580
Export to Australia, New Zealand and other part of the world on request. on request


Chilled Semen Import: £90
(Import licence and co-ordination)


Artificial Insemination: £320
(semen evaluation, endoscopic or Norwegian catheter)