Artificial Insemination (AI)

Import and Export of semen

Semen can be moved either chilled or frozen


Chilled movement of semen has to be timed with the bitch’s ovulation as the life time of the cooled semen is only a few days. This is done through Progesterone testing.

Import of semen for AI of a female resident in the UK requires a general licence for import of canine semen which can be found on the website.

Export of chilled dog semen is wide spread and very successful. Exports to Europe, USA and Canada will take 24-48h. Most countries in the EU and North America do not require any health testing, but this may change with Brexit

Advantages Of Chilled Semen:
Pregnancy rates are very similar to natural matings as the semen is not stressed during cooling. Transport costs are low due to the small package (0.5ml thermos flask and no return of shipper).

Disadvantages Of Chilled Semen:
Timing is important and all three parties (bitch owner, stud dog owner and vet) have to be available. Normally only one breeding (which may include two AIs) are possible.


Frozen movement of semen can be planned well ahead and several breedings can be moved and stored. Long term storage of semen is possible. Frozen semen enables the breeder to use a dog from anywhere in the world at any time in the future, but also means increased costs and detailed planning.

Import of semen to the UK is either done on a pet passport or depending on the country of import on a special DEFRA licence.

Export of frozen semen is possible to most parts of the world, but needs some time to be prepared and shipped. Costs are higher a special shipper keeping the temperature at -200o C has to be used and returned to the clinic.

Advantages Of Frozen Semen:
Semen can be moved at any time prior to mating and stored for any length of time. Several matings can be moved to and kept in the semen bank.

Disadvantages Of Frozen Semen:
Pregnancy rates and litter sizes are lower as freezing will alter the viability of semen. Timing of the AI has to be very precise and several Progesterone tests will be needed to determine the right day.


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